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WWII German Medals

1939 Bar to iron cross 1st class maker L/11 has polished highlights £185 sold

War Merit Cross with swords scarce Austrian mount 45 SOLD
War Merit Cross with swords near mint condition 30
As above 30

War Merit Crosses without swords 30 each

Entry into Austria medal £55
As above £55
Memmel medal £SOLD

Sudatenland medal on parade mount 75
Sudatenland medal 45
As above 45

Police Long Service Cross in gold 185
As above 185

Police Long Service cross in silver £125
As above with metal device on ribbon £130SOLD

1914 iron cross 1st class magnetic center and has a narrow pin marked KO on back £185

Female version of the RAD Long Service Award 4th class in bronze for 4 years service 125 SOLD
3rd class in silver for 12 years service 150 SOLD
1st class in gold for 25 years service 180

RAD 4 years service Mans service medal in bronze 75
As above in mint condition 85
As above in silver for 12 years service 80
As above 80

Court mounted pinback Sudatenland with bar 120

Early Austria medal watermarked silk pinback ribbon 80

Customs Service Cross in bronze issued 17th February 1939 for loyal service early award £125sold
As above but later issue £95

Bronze eastern vols medal 65

East Fronts all 30

Spanish Cross in silver with swords for combatants maker marked on back CEJ in excellent condition £550SOLD

bar £135SOLD

Bar to Iron cross 2nd class prinzen size 135
bar to Iron cross issue size on ribbon 100
" " " 2nd class prinzen size 140

War Service cross 1st class marked L/11 £140

Faithful Service Cross in silver have several in stock  £55

Army Honor Roll clasp has all four pins long length of ribbon £SOLD

Red Cross medal perfect enamels 180

Silesian Eagle private purchase LDO type 70

LEFT 1939 EKII ring marked 4 Steinhauer and Luck 75SOLD
RIGHT as above ring marked 65 Klein und Quenzer 80sold

LEFT 1939 ek2 ring marked 55 JE Hammer & Sohne 75 SOLD
as above ring marked 113 Hermann Aurich nr mint 80 SOLD

1914 EK2s at 45 SOLD

1914 EK2s 45SOLD

1914 EK2s 45 SOLD

1914 EK2 in nr mint condition 60sold

East front medals 30

Early 1957 knights cross 3 part iron core silk ribbon 225

Mini size mothers cross in gold 65

Left EK1 marked L/12 £200sold
Right EK1 markedL/16 £225

Left EK1unmarked £195
Ek1 marked L/15 £195

Left EK1 no maker frosted silver back £175
Right as abovev nickle silver back £185

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