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German Equipment and Weapons Accessories

Good used pair of motor cyclist and Assault Gun troops protective gloves in excellent condition 75

German Army bicycle found in France used post war and has been restored by a french collector can be used as is but will benifit from a better restoration £850

7.92 WWII German empty ammo boxes various labels 7 each
PO8 9mm ammo boxes empty 12 each
mp44/stg ammo boxes empty 12 each
a few 7.92 K98 Polte ammo boxes containing 15 deact rounds in Polte marked stripper clips all rounds 1930s dated 30

Box of 20 lacquered cased de-activated AK47 rounds 25

mg42 spare barrel cases (empty) with original web slings 75 various maker marks

Metal vehicle Verbandkasten early type in panzer grey, these were used in all vehicles from Kubels to tanks still has complete paper label inside with list of contents all bandages etc are missing this is an empty box 70

emty ammo boxes 10 each

WWII German Army water bottle excellent condition 45SOLD
As above 45 SOLD
As above tropical version with web straps 65

M1931 clothing bag every soldier was issued one 45

Cammo zeltbahn has some field repairs good colour with strap 65

Army bread bag strap 18sold
Luftwaffe early pattern bread bag strap with brown fittings 20
Police bread bag strap 15

Luftwaffe bread bag straps mid war issue all in excellent condition 18

Early wooden verbandekasten very good condition 35................

Scarce mg42 p kit various ww2 markings several in stock various markings/codes 165

Mg 34 e kit as shown 245 sold

mg34 oil bottles 20

tan painted mg34/42 oil bottle 25

mg34/42 starter tabs all dated/coded 10 each

k98 cleaning rods 20

WW2 7.92 ammo belts all dated/coded and mint 10

MG 34/42 ammoboxes we have several styles and paint colours in stock all original WWII all dated/wa/coded at 45 each
these are not the post war Yugoslavian or Russian repainted tins that seem to be around at present

mg bulk oil tin waffen ampte marked 25

K98 cleaning rods 12 and 10 inch in stock 20
Vz cleaning rods 25

mg34/42 starter tabs all waffen ampt/coded in original packaging 15 each

Boxed WWII German 7.92 deact ammo all 30s dated ammo polti manufactured 15 rounds in 3 stripper clips in cardboard box 30

WWII dated .303 british rifle ammunition clip of 5 12

mg34/42 dated/coded ammo belt with 50 7.92 (post war) deactivated ammunition 65SOLD

Near mint mg42 spare barrel case with web strap, barrel case is marked Lauf-Schutzer dated 43 with maker code brc 43 and waffen amp overall in near mint condition 75sold

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