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De-Activated Weapons, Grenades and Ammunition

All de-activated guns are for UK sales unless they are legal in your country. All guns are complete with a current de-activation certificate

S&W 6shot pistol

German Hege licenced Mauser PPK auto pistol £355

Auto pistol Vzor Czechoslovakia  £275

British .38 webbley Mk5 pistols all fine condition several in stock 225 1 left in stock

mg42 coil spring 25

lots of ww2 7.92 deact rounds in stock 5 each

Browning auto pistol has Russian/Greek markings £285 SOLD

Walther pistol export model 300

Hungarian auto pistol 285

Hungarian auto pistol 300

Lamma auto pistol 285

Auto pistol Bernadelli .22long 280

1800s S&W pistol pistol £450SOLD

Ruger magnum police pistol £325SOLD

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