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Army Cloth and Metal Insignia

 unissued early pattern Signals NCO collar and shoulder strap found in a German tailors shop were they did made to mesure uniforms in WW2  £165
have several other uniform parts from same place

Early other ranks collar from a parade tunic with single strap and cuff patch £160

1942 pattern cap eagle has traces of paper glued to back as it has been removed from a verts scrap book £45

early 1936 pattern cap eagle now geting hard to find piece of insignia in this condition £55

1942 pattern breast eagle mint unissued condition £50

1944 triangular last pattern BeVo tunic eagle £45

1936 pattern BeVo breast eagle mint unissued £55

m43 pattern breast eagle unissued condition slightly creased £50

1944 triangular last pattern BeVo tunic eagle £45

Army T shape mountain cap insignia unissued condition £85

mint m40 patt brest eagle mint condition £50

3rd pattern panzer breast eagle as used on the black panzer tunic mint condition £80

Scarce early pointed end infantry Ncos straps are now increasingly difficult to find in nice condition £105

Officers/Ncos Flat wire breast eagle early pattern in beautiful used condition £70sold

TOP Army officers removable summer breast eagle pin back maker A Assmann  £55
SECOND DOWN as above early stamped type no maker £65
BOTTOM as above solid back £55

Army officers wire breast eagle tunic removed condition £55sold

Army trade patches £25 each

Panzer beret insignia mint unissued £75

Jager sleeve badge beautiful mint uncut conditon £35

Army trade patches £20 each

Army trade badges £15 each

Army trade patches £15 each

LEFT Pair of Engineer Officers collar patches late rayon type unissued  £45
RIGHT as above Cavalry/Recon  unissued £50

Army Officers Service cap insignia set £115

Pr early artillery observation shoulderstraps (slight moth to piping ) £95

Peaked cap eagle insignia  all pins intact £30 each

TOP Peaked cap insigniatradition skulls all pins intact £50 each
BOTTOM Panzer skulls no pins £40 pr

Herringbone twill senior privates arm badge £5
As above but for work uniform £4

Jager BeVo uncut sleeve patch hard to find in this condition £35
Artillery Gun Layers sleeve badge £25

m36 pattern Senior Privates arm badge £10
m42 as above £10

SS and army rayon cammo rank insignia Pr still uncut £120

Army and Waffen SS sleeve camoflauge insignia £55 each

Army and Waffen SS sleeve camoflauge insignia £55 each

Rare Army ski jager cap badge £75
Army jager badge £25

Army and Waffen SS sleeve camoflauge insignia £55 each

Afrika korps helmet badges pair early £75
As above mid war set £50

medical officers straps £45

RIGHT Unissued Medical officers midwar rayon collar patches £55
LEFT used early medical officers collar patches £50 

Panzer ors 1st patt breast eagle £80

Ors ski cap insignia £45

uncut bevo m36 patt breast eagle £55

Single Army trade patches £20 each

Signals arm badges £12 each

Artillery sleve patch £25
as above early bevo pat £40
Late war pat £35

Pair of unissued early pattern Panzer/Anti tank Artillery collar patches found in a tailors shop in Austria £35

Army 1936 pat Reserve officers cap wreath £45

artillery sleve badge has been removed from a tunic scarse £55

1943 patt panzer ors breast eagle as mint as it gets £85

Army collar skulls both have 2 pins pair £45

Officers private purchace cap wreath £45

Military police arm eagle £75

Early patt mountain troops arm badge £45

Mid war panzer ski cap insignia £95

Mint unissued Generals cap set has all pins £170

Mountain troops cap badge £25
Rare ski jager cap badge £65
Jager troops cap badge £35

Single Infantry Feldherrnhalle £145

Unissued and rare mid/late war officers flatwire tunic eagle £100

Army cap sets £60 each

Cap eagle early type only one pin £20SOLD
as above has both pins £25
Officers summer brest eagle £45

single black panzer strap £65

Army officers tunic eagle fine condition removed from tunic normandy vet purchase £75sold

Army officers tunic eagle normandy vet purchase £80

Panzer officers tunic eagle good used condition £95

A fine officers tunic eagle £80

A mint example of a 1935 pat flatwire ist pat tunic eagle as used by officers /Nco,s £90

Nco/officers tunic removed ist pat tunic eagle picked up in Normandy by local vet £70

Rare officers M44 pat brest eagle in super mint condition £100

Army NCOs School bevo cuff title £135

Rare mint condition 1st pat other ranks tunic eagle £100SOLD

left ski jager sleve badge £SOLD
right Jager arm badge £45

left ors ski cap insignia scarse variation £55
right officers flat wire version of above £SOLD

top 1st patt m1936 white panzer tunic eagle mint £125
mint m1935 1st pat tunic eagle £125

top Panzer beret wreath insignia £110
Army crushercap insignia £85

left late war mountain troops badge on field grey wool £35
right early bevo mountaintroops badge £45
bottom above on dark green wool backing£35
bottom right as above £35

Assault engineers badge £75 each

top left bevo cockade £20
middle cockade late war £20
top left..panzer cockade late war £35
bottom left late war cockade£20
middle panzer officers cockade £50
bottom left panzer ors cockade early patt £40

Field police sleve eagle £75

late war skicap insignia £25

army skicap insignia £45 each

left Army officers flatwire eagle and cockade £85SOLD
as above ors £65

top M44 pat tunic eagle with bevo logo (cut from end of roll £80
bottom M44 tunic eagle £55

M36 tunic eagles £55 each

m36 early white type tunic eagles £65
as above pale grey £55

M36 ors tunic eaglr £55
M36 officers/nco flatwire tunic eagle £65sold

Army officers wire cap eagle £70

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